Products made with ancient Mesoamerican techniques 
preserving the original flavour of the corn.
Corn is grown in Mexico.
Without preservatives, products must be refrigerated.


Our Nixtamalized tortilla with food industry preservatives 
to improve shelf stability.
This product can be kept without refrigeration before opening.

Blue Corn

These products are made with blue corn from México. 
Blue corn has a different flavour comparing with white corn.
These products do not go through the nixtamalization process.

Deep Fried

We created a special recipe, where in addition to the nutrients from nixtamalization, when these products are being passed through oil, the result is a wonderful crunchy texture ideal for tostadas, nachos or snacks.


BIO Organic

Authentically crafted bio-organic corn tortillas with no additives or
preservatives. Made from 100% native Mexican organic corn.
They are perfect served alongside grilled meats or traditional dishes such as tacos, hard shell tacos, tostadas, nachos, fajitas or enchiladas.