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Who we are

Get to know the Mexican corn tortilla leaders

With more than 9 years of experience

Moctezuma Foods is a consolidated company dedicated to the production of authentic Mexican corn products

We guarantee our clients the supply of our products

Strategically located in the center of Europe, Prague, Czech Republic

Food safety, quality, excellent service and on-time deliveries

We export to 22 countries

Producing more than 50 tons of tortillas per year. We are recognized as a leader in the corn tortilla industry.

Travel in time

New chapters

Started the extraordinary metamorphosis of Moctezuma Foods under the visionary leadership of a remarkable Mexican woman, Carolina C. With unwavering determination and boundless passion, she has revolutionized our organization, propelling us to new heights. Today, we proudly stand as a European titan, redefining excellence in corn products with unparalleled quality, innovation and customer-centricity.

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  • In 2019, a remarkable story unfolded as Carolina Couto, a dedicated employee, took the reins and  became the proud owner of Moctezuma Foods. Teaming up with two partners, experts in the  realm of food production, a dynamic trio was formed, poised to redefine culinary excellence.

  • In 2020, shortly after our acquisition, the world was engulfed by an unprecedented pandemic. As  the world closed down and crisis loomed, we embraced the challenge head-on, rethinking the very  essence of our company and forging new strategies to overcome the storm.

  • In 2021, Moctezuma embarked on a transformative journey, revolutionizing the very essence of  our brand. We dedicated ourselves to integrating cutting-edge quality systems, ensuring that  perfection is woven into every aspect of our craft.

  • As we expand our horizons in 2022. Moctezuma is proud to announce our integration of esteemed  business partners and warehouses, spreading our influence to new frontiers. With representation  in Germany, Denmark, and Spain, we are bringing the essence of our brand to discerning palates  across continents.

  • Moctezuma reaches new heights in 2023. This year marks our full expansion, and we are ready to  tantalize taste buds across the globe and eat the world in tacos.

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Moctezuma Team

We have done an exhaustive search in order to have the best team of experts in their field, who have demonstrated great capacity and ability to make the best corn tortillas with this makes Moctezuma Foods, a 100% Mexican company, proudly based in the heart of Europe, dedicated to produce authentic corn tortillas with Mexican corn brought directly from Mexico.

Moctezuma representatives in Europe


Moctezuma Foods is dedicated to being a world-class producer of corn tortillas made with authentic Mexican corn. Our mission is to cultivate a genuine appreciation for Mexican cuisine among Europeans, encouraging the adoption of the corn tortilla as an integral part of their diet.


Moctezuma Foods aspires to be the undisputed leader in the production of corn products in Europe, recognized for delivering the highest quality products infused with the authentic and original Mexican flavor. Our vision is to become the go-to brand for customers seeking genuine Mexican culinary experiences, solidifying our position as the trusted provider of corn-based products that evoke the true essence of Mexico.

Our Values


Honesty shapes our culture, fostering trust and reliability, building strong relationships with team members, customers, and suppliers.


Our bedrock: equality, respect, empathy. Harmonious ecosystem with equitable growth opportunities, aligned with dedication and tireless efforts.


We inspire purposeful actions, propelling team members beyond tasks. We empower them to go above and beyond, forging a powerful alliance of shared success.


Championing an inclusive culture where every individual's unique talents contribute to a harmonious space, fostering innovation and growth.


Fostering a culture of curiosity and growth, we provide a nurturing environment that encourages knowledge exploration and skill development.

Fair trade and sustainability

Moctezuma knows about corn

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