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Corn Tortilla Huarache 10pcs (Box with 20 packages of 10pcs)


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For its oval shape allows to prepare the best huarache cravings.

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Box of Corn tortilla Huarache 10 pcs of 20 packages: Authentic Delight

Live a culinary journey with our Corn Tortilla Huarache! Immerse yourself in the delightful blend of authenticity and innovation as you savor the unique taste and texture of these antojito corn tortillas. With a pack of 10 pieces, each huarache promises a genuine experience, reminiscent of the traditional Mexican street food. Transform your meals and bring the essence of Mexican culture to your table with these artisanal delights.

Crafted for Culinary Creativity

Release your inner chef and explore endless possibilities with our Corn Tortilla Huarache. These 10 pieces of culinary wonders serve as a versatile canvas for your gastronomic creations. Let your creativity run wild. The texture of these tortillas ensures a delightful dining experience, making them the go-to choice for elevating your everyday meals to extraordinary culinary adventures.

Perfectly Portable: Anytime, Anywhere

Experience convenience without compromising on flavor. Our Corn Tortilla Huarache, in a pack of 10, brings the authentic taste of Mexico to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a picnic, these portable delights are ready to enhance your dining experience. With the perfect balance of taste and convenience, savor the joy of Mexican cuisine without the hassle.

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