Tortilla Organic BIO 500g

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The traditional Mexican tortilla is made with organic creole nixtamalized corn. This 15 cm tortilla is always found on Mexican dinner tables and is the perfect option for a variety of dishes.

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Organic corn tortillas are made with organic Mexican corn.

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Size 15 cm

Weight 500g

Tortillas per pack approx 30 units

Vacuum Packaging


Ingredients: Corn flour, water, salt

Due to the cornflour nixtamalization process, the product may contain traces of calcium hydroxide

Must be kept dry and refrigerated at max. +6°C or deep freeze.

Remove the case from storage. Carefully remove packs from the case. While still in their bag, gently twist the stack of tortillas to loosen and separate the tortillas. Heat before consumption and fill to taste. Consume within 3 days of opening.


Refrigerated at max. +6°C: 90 days

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