Always the best corn tortillas to suits your taste

At our factory, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of products that capture the essence of Mexican culture and tradition. Our products are carefully crafted from the finest ingredients, with a focus on quality and flavour.


Starting with traditional corn, harvested by local Mexican farmers using ancient farming techniques, each corn tortilla we produce has a unique and authentic taste. Our nixtamalized yellow corn tortillas are perfect for tacos, quesadillas and other traditional Mexican dishes.


Blue corn, a rare and ancient variety, is grown in Mexico and used to make tortillas that have a distinctive colour and a slightly sweet taste. Our blue corn tortillas are a delight for those looking for something different and authentic.


In our catalogue we also have white corn tortillas with preservatives, which allow for a longer shelf life without losing the original flavour and texture. These tortillas have become very popular with those looking for a more practical and convenient option for their day to day lives.


In addition, we produce a variety of Mexican snacks in different sizes, perfect for any occasion. From tlayuda, burrito, huaraches, flautas to appetizer sopes, our options are ideal for parties and gatherings.

Fair trade and sustainability

Attention to detail and passion for Mexican tradition is what we do.

In short, we offer a wide variety of authentic and delicious products that capture the essence of Mexican culture. Whether you are looking for the traditional corn tortilla, a unique experience with our blue corn tortillas or Mexican antojitos in different sizes, we are sure you will find something that will satisfy your palate and your passion for Mexican food.

The corn tortilla is one of the most representative foods of Mexican culture, and as such, it is important to ensure that it reaches households in optimal conditions.

One of the challenges in preserving corn tortillas is preventing them from drying out or becoming hard, especially if they are purchased in large quantities or if they are not consumed immediately.

This is why ziplock packaging has emerged as a solution to keep tortillas fresh for a longer period of time.

This packaging allows corn tortillas to be properly preserved, while allowing the consumer to open and close the bag as many times as necessary without compromising the freshness of the tortillas.

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