Christmas Kit FR, SE, FI – 13x packages of corn tortillas original 500g, 1x chocolate abuelita 540g, GRATIS 1x yellow shell corn tortillas 1kg (for homemade tostadas) with shipping included


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Kit Navideño

13x paquetes de tortillas Original 15cm 500g
1x chocolate abuelita 540g
GRATIS 1x paquete de yellow shell  tortillas 1kg (para hacer tostadas)

Envío incluido a países participantes: Francia, Suecia y Finlandia

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Christmas Kit

13x Original tortilla packets 15cm 500g
1x chocolate abuelita 540g
FREE 1x packet of yellow shell corn tortillas 1kg (for homemade tostadas)

Shipping included to participating countries: France, Sweden and Finland

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