Mexican tacos

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At Moctezuma Foods, we offer the most authentic Mexican foods from a variety of nixtamalized corn tortillas, white corn tortillas and blue corn tortillas for the demands of the Scandinavian Retail, HORECA and Food Service.

Key features

corn tortillas

100% VEGAN

The Corn Tortillas would add accent to any vegan or vegetarian diet.


With our corn tortillas you’ll get a healthy and delicious option.

authentic MEXICAN corn

Harvested with love by mexican farmers. We can tailored your products with the traditional nixtamalized corn or bio mexican corn.


Authentic crafted mexican corn tortillas.
Manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic by mexican hands.

Yellow Corn Tortilla Rinconera (placera)

This small tortilla is the best to prepare taquitos for tasting or events. Try making taquitos for young children who begin to master the art of eating tacos or for adults who enjoy eating tacos in a couple of bites.

Weight: 450g
Size: 10cm
Contains per package: 42 pieces approx.

Traditional Yellow Corn Tortilla

Nixtamalized corn tortilla ideal for enchiladas, tacos, flautas, quesadillas or your favorite dish.

Weight: 1kg
Size: 15cm
Contains per package: 42 pieces approx.

Corn Tortilla Yellow Shell for making deep fry tostadas or totopos

This tortilla is the best to prepare thin taquitos for tasting or events. Or for deep frying your own crispy tacos, tostadas and totopos.

Weight: 900g
Size: 15cm
Contains per package: 52 pieces approx.

Yellow Corn Tortilla Tlayuda Oaxacan Style

Perfect corn tortilla for making large quesadillas, gluten free burritos or the traditional tlayuda from Oaxaca. Nixtamalized corn tortilla special for big cravings.

Weight: 650g
Size: 24cm
Contains per package: 10 pieces approx.

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We offer a wide range of corn products, but we will also be more than happy to share our experience with you and develop your private label ideas. Let us know what your needs are and we will make it happen.

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