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We produce and sell authentic mexican food with Mexican ingredients ideal for Mexican cuisine

Moctezuma is, perhaps, the best-known tlatoani (leader) of the Mexica. Heir to a vast empire, he showed a great strategical ability to give the city of Tenochtitlan the splendor that amazed the Spanish upon their arrival. His reign represents an extraordinary event in history: the encounter of two worlds.

Since its start, Moctezuma Foods has broken another kind of barrier. What began as a small business in Vienna with only one tortilla machine, saw new horizons with a first export that reached the Netherlands and Belgium within a year.

By 2015, Moctezuma Foods was recognized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as one of the best 50 businesses in the country and by CNN Expansion Magazine as one of the 30 best promises of business in Mexico.

In 2016, Moctezuma Foods was recognized in the Forbes list as one of the 30 Best Business Models in Mexico, winning the award as the Most Motivated Company by Forbes in the same year. Then, in 2019 came with the IDB International Star Award for Quality.

Moctezuma is recognized worldwide as the best brand of corn tortillas in Europe, with certifications (such as HAACP and Bio), distribution, and marketing in 22 countries, producing 20 million corn tortillas a year for 130 cities around the world. ¡That’s an extraordinary encounter!

Today, we can proudly say we have remained leaders in the European market. We launched the best tortilla with a long shelf life on the market and expanded our business to online product distribution, increasing it even in an adverse year.

That’s Moctezuma’s treasure and we want to share it with you. Like our ancestors, we believe in starting small and building our way to success. With original Mexican food, traditionally made with organic Mexican ingredients, we provide Europe with a healthy excuse to taste and enjoy the authentic flavor of connecting with friends and family.